Hanson Fish Company

Chris Hanson

Captain, FV Diamond Lil

My name is Chris Hanson, and I am the Captain of the Diamond Lil based out of Sitka, Alaska. Sitka is a small coastal town on Baranof Island, and looks out over a dormant volcano to the icy waters of the Gulf of Alaska. The Diamond Lil is a commercial troller, and together we fish the wild and pristine waters of Southeast Alaska. As a commercial troller, every fish that I land is caught on a hook and line, and I care for each as if I was going to feed it to my own family. From stunning the fish while still in the water, to quickly pressure bleeding and dressing, to putting the fish into the hold where we can get the temperature down as quickly as possible, every action is designed to elevate the quality and freshness of each fish I catch.

Trolling for salmon and bottomfish is not a productive way to fish; it is a labor of love. There are far more productive methods, but none allow me to achieve the level of quality I insist upon. Every fish must be enticed to bite a bait or lure; I do not use any nets to ensnare them. I enjoy the direct connection I have with the fish in this way, and the ability to bring them on the boat in a measured pace to ensure that each fish is brought to market in the best possible condition and peak of freshness. In bringing a fish to the boat that has chosen to bite my lure, I feel that it has willingly entered into the food chain - and chosen me and my boat to allow it to do so. The fish and I work together, in addition to fine restaurants and fish counters, to bring the bounty of the ocean to seafood enthusiast's plate.

I choose my customers as the fish chooses me.  I am excited to undertake yet another method of selling fish - direct to the families that enjoy the bounty of the ocean.  It is a passion of mine to bring the consumer closer to the source of their seafood.  I'll teach people about the fish themselves (like how many different fish that aren't actually cod have the word "cod" in their name!), the different methods of catching, and how to best care for the fish they spend their hard-earned money on. 

Thank you for your interest in the Hanson Fish Company. I am honored that you've considered feeding the fish I catch in the remote Alaskan waters to your own families at home, and will strive to exceed everyone's expectations.

The goal of Hanson Fish Company is simple:  To bring the highest quality, sustainably harvested seafood to market at a reasonable price.